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medieval fantasy knight living statuesThis duo of medieval warrior knight statues are lots of fun - perhaps not historically accurate they will entertain at medieval themed events which want a more fantasy world feel.

grey mime jesterOur Grey jester is a comedy character who can perform either as a mime walkabout act or as a living human statue.

He is lots of fun and an unusual take on the medieval jester

medieval knight living statueOur Medieval Knight will stand guard over your event ready to suprise the unwary as he springs into life. Lots of fun and always popular our Knights are perfect for medieval banquets and themed balls.


Our Knight can be themed with coloured 'favours' for weddings and promotional events.

living gargoyle medieval human statueThis living gargoyle is a truly wonderful medieval statue that looks extremely realistic. We have two available which can be placed either side of an entrance to great effect. With the ability to move and suprise your guests these Living Gargoyles are a great choice for medieval themed parties and balls.